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There is no single profile of an participant we are looking for. C-hub seeks students who can push their ideas to fruition and thrive in a rigorous, collaborative and creative environment. An extension of CHIREC, C-hub strives to build a community of student-entrepreneurs with diverse in interests, talents and backgrounds, and the application process is designed to assess all these aspects equally.

• Each team must be comprised of one student each from Grades 8, 9, and 11
• Teams must have a passion to innovate
• Must possess strong team spirit

1. Teams must comprise of one student each from Grade 8,9 and 11.
2. Teams can register through the online registration form.
3. The project plan should comprise of all details of the project.
4. These projects will be vetted by a team of CHIREC Staff, Alumni, and Industry experts.
5. An estimated budget proposal must be submitted for approval
6. Four projects will be selected after a round of interviews conducted with each team.
7. Each of these identified final projects will then be approved and students will be able to work at C-hub during their break time, after school, Saturdays or on holidays.
8. Teams will fund 50% of their Project initially. This amount will be reimbursed once the product is created.
9. Teams will showcase the outcome of the Project.


1. The identified members must abide by the school rules at all times.
2. Students working on projects at C-hub must always be in the school uniform, even during holidays.
3. Each team must maintain a complete record of each and every document that is involved with their project.
4. Any purchases to be made for the project should be approved by the Finance & Purchase team in consultation with the C-hub core team.
5. All materials must be under lock and key at all times.
6. Details of each project have to be uploaded to the C-hub website regularly.
7. Students may not misuse the Internet facility provided to them.

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International School In Hyderabad
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